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Matt Willis

Matt works with our founders to help them build the right thing, hire the right talent and get feedback from the customer as soon as possible.

After working with several dozen startups, and having participated in 3 successful exits, Matt has developed an excitement for applying his experience learned with other entrepreneurs.  With a focus on product-market fit and building technology that can not only meet the market demand but also secure its ability to scale, he can apply strategy to not only product visionaries but also engineering talent. Having been able to sell his last venture in under 18 months from start to finish he is obsessed with speed to market.

In addition to his extensive startup experience, he spent 4 years at a public company, leading a technology team in retrofitting a major solution for scale, reversing the business’ negative financial trend and launching a payment division from idea to profitable.

In addition to his work and investments with Startup Alpha, and investing in startups, Matt is currently in the process of founding two new startups that will be launching near the holidays this year.


Technical Product Management

Technology Development

User Experience

Product-market Fit

Matt Willis
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